Services We Offer

Fully insured and police-checked, we provide Clifton and surrounding areas with daily or occasional services to suit your needs. We do not charge a joining fee or mileage. Prior to any bookings a free consultation will be arranged, where we get to meet with you in person to discuss your dogs likes, dislikes, habits and routines.


Group Dog Walking

We will come to you and collect your dog at an agreed time and walk them for a full hour (off lead if allowed) in small groups of no more than five or six in one of our favourite and safe walking locations such as Leigh Woods, Ashton Court, Badock Woods, Coombe Dingle etc.

We usually have a morning, lunchtime and afternoon walk and always ensure that the dogs in each group get on well with each other.  Your dog will be returned home towel dried, well exercised and happy. They can often be out of the house for 1.5/2hrs so it's a nice break in their day.

We will always top up their water bowl before we leave, but we are happy to follow any other routine such as feeding lunch or leaving them with a chew!


We offer a discount for each additional dog from the same address and a loyalty discount for dogs walked 5 days per week, Monday to Friday.


Solo Dog Walking ​

If you would prefer your dog had a 1-2-1 walk this can also be arranged. Solo walks are usually on lead from your home (unless there is a safe place nearby to let them off lead). Please note solo walks are usually either before 9:30am or after 2:30pm.

Puppy Home Care Visits & Socialisation


An early routine and a socialisation plan is absolutely crucial in every dog's long-term development, you cannot turn back the clock.

Our puppy home care service is designed to ease the stress of your puppy when being left alone for the first time. We will create a visiting schedule together depending on the age of your puppy and what you think is needed, then we will come to your home to play with your puppy, clean up any accidents and provide toilet breaks. We can also help with any training you have started and include basic skills training.

When your puppy is old enough and has had vaccinations we are able to provide a socialisation service. We will take your puppy on short ‘educational’ walks and carefully expose them to different situations in the environment and introduce them to well-balanced adult dogs.


Home Visits


Available 7 days per week, for cats, rabbits and most domestic pets. Home visits can be tailored to suit your pets individual needs, but they usually involve cleaning out of hutch/litter tray, feeding, topping up of water, attention, fuss and play.